Sales & Events

Featured Sales @ Channing Bookstore:

  • February: History & Biography on the sale table for $1 each.

Featured Weekly Book Cart Sales @ Central Library Bookstore:

February 5-11

  • Tintin and Asterix [inside store]
  • Really Good Books You Always Meant to Read
  • Just Received Fiction & Mysteries

February 12-18 [Closed February 19]

  • Unusual Books That Don’t Fit Our Usual Subject Areas
  • Jumble Sale: A Little Bit of Everything

February 20-25

  • Just Received Cookbooks 50¢-$2
  • Just Received History & Biographies
  • Missing The Crown? Books about everything British

ONGOING Sales Available All Month Inside Store:

  • TV Shows on DVD [$2]
  • Vintage Paperbacks
  • Heavy-duty canvas tote bags from the Authors Dinner
  • Books Signed by the Author
Q. Are you part of the Library?
A. No, we’re an independent organization working our buns off (so to speak) to raise money to help support the Library–especially the excellent programs (Noontime Opera, Summer Reading, Crafty Times, Lego Hour, etc.) that the Library produces. Almost every penny we earn from selling donated books goes back to the Library.
Q. Are you on Yelp?
A. Why yes, yes we are… at least our Channing Way store is. If you’ve had a good bibliographic experience at either store, how about leaving a comment on Yelp? And we’re on Facebook too.

Channing Way Bookstore
2433 Channing Way
Berkeley CA 94704
Tuesday – Saturday
10am – 4pm

Central Library Bookstore
2090 Kittredge Street
Berkeley CA 94704
Monday: Noon – 4pm 
Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 2pm – 4pm